The Christian Peace Initiative aims to bring together individuals and organizations who embrace the teachings of Christ and prioritize peace as the preferred approach to spiritual, doctrinal, and personal variances. Regardless of your background or beliefs, we extend a warm invitation for you to become a part of this initiative.

In contemporary Christianity, we observe a tendency towards impatience, divisiveness, and at times, even anger. Additionally, there seems to be a prevalent focus on being right rather than prioritizing love among Christians.

We aim to repair that.

The Christian Peace Initiative is built upon the foundation of agape love as the central aim of the Christian journey. Our aspirations arise from the acknowledgment that our connection with God is ever-evolving. Given this realization, it becomes essential for us to embody patience, meekness, and enduring kindness towards our fellow believers. We endeavor to approach diverse perspectives with open minds and hearts. If you resonate with this sentiment, we would be thrilled to hear from you! You're warmly invited to join our community and play a part in fostering this mindset in others too.